Marvel: The Golden Age


The Folio Society


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Binding: Cloth hardback + laminated and printed clamshell
Number of pages: 256 pp
Product dimensions: 23.50 x 33 cm
Special features: Bound and lined in printed and gold laminated paper with a design by Marco D’Alfonso

In celebration of the 80th anniversary of Marvel Comics #1, The Folio Society has joined legendary Marvel editor Roy Thomas to form a super-powered team-up of their own. Marvel: The Golden Age 1939–1949 presents five specially curated comic books, including a meticulous facsimile of the comic that started it all back in 1939.

Thomas’s selection includes Sub-Mariner #1, Human Torch #5, Captain America Comics #10, and All Winners Comics #19, and showcases the founding characters, debut appearances, famous battles and signature talent that helped define the Golden Age of American Super Hero comics. To recapture and preserve the spirit of the Golden Age, The Folio Society has scanned these comics from original newsprint titles, valuable rarities sourced from either the Marvel vaults or a discerning collector.

While Folio has ensured that the authentic facsimile of Marvel Comics #1 maintains its original dimensions, the four titles collected in hardback have all been enlarged to a treasury format to best appreciate each detail. Every minute aspect of all five books has been preserved, from crinkles and creases in the grainy newsprint to the vintage adverts and short fiction. Even glitches, including original spelling errors and colouring overlaps, have been preserved

Text by The Folio Society