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Finest Italian printing and binding

For quality, craftsmanship, and generous expertise in making beautiful books

Graphicom is an Italian printer specializing in the highest quality printing and bookbinding. Publishers, museums and galleries worldwide rely on them for their fine work and the excellent service of the multi-lingual team, which follows a title attentively from colour separations through delivery.

Typical projects run the gamut from large print runs of successful books requiring fast turnaround to rarefied and lavish deluxe editions and facsimiles. 

Graphicom is known to relish a production challenge and therefore is counted on for its innovative approaches to translating a designer’s vision even if it is quite out of the ordinary into something that can be produced industrially. 

Graphicom’s policy is particularly sensitive to environmental issues.

The plant runs on 100 percent clean energy from sources that are renewable, traceable and guaranteed at the source, and we carefully control all pollution and emissions with an eye to prevention.






35 years’ experience working with publishers, museums, galleries, and book designers from around the world

We can help you step-by-step through the process of book production, from refining a workable idea, through pre-press, printing and binding, all the way through delivery throughout the globe

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Environment & certifications

Graphicom’s company-wide policy has always been particularly sensitive to environmental issues and dedicated to sustainable production.

We now reinforce this commitment by aligning ourselves with new international protocols for the creation of products with minimal environmental impact.