Project consulting

It’s useful to get us involved at the very earliest stages of your project, because you can take advantage of our expertise in creating the book you envision.
Very experienced designers appreciate our help coming up with ways to produce industrially whatever they dream up, including some very unusual effects.  You can see some examples by clicking on “projects.”

You can count on us to help avoid production pitfalls. Our advice about papers, formats, binding styles, and special elements will help you get the results you had in mind.
Including us early will give you the advantage of our expertise in how to create a beautiful book, expediently, economically, and always with an eye to the finest quality.

We have been part of many very successful Kickstarter projects.
We have experience in the demands for scheduling and packing, and can help you organize worldwide shipment of copies sent out individually.

Here too, our expertise helps from start to finish.