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About Graphicom

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Graphicom is an Italian printer specializing in the highest quality printing and bookbinding.

Publishers, museums and galleries worldwide rely on them for their fine work and the excellent service of the multi-lingual team, which follows a title attentively from colour separations through delivery. Typical projects run the gamut from large print runs of successful books requiring fast turnaround to rarefied and lavish deluxe editions and facsimiles.  

Graphicom is known to relish a production challenge and therefore is counted on for its innovative approaches to translating a designer’s vision even if it is quite out of the ordinary into something that can be produced industrially.  

Graphicom’s policy is particularly sensitive to environmental issues. 

The plant runs on 100 percent clean energy from sources that are renewable, traceable and guaranteed at the source, and we carefully control all pollution and emissions with an eye to prevention.

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Since 1986

Graphicom began as a print broker in 1986, mainly aimed at the European illustrated publishing market. From the very beginning we specialized in printing high-quality work.
In 1996 we acquired the bindery, now called Legatoria Camisana (Camisana Bindery), and then in 1998 ArteGrafica, top quality print specialists of colour books and catalogues.
The commitment to eco-compatibility has led Graphicom to obtain FSC certification (in May 2007) and ISO 14001 certification (in February 2008).

In the publishing sector Graphicom collaborates with important publishers worldwide, in the UK and Germany, France, Scandinavia, Belgium, Switzerland and the United States.
Among our many prestigious clients are great museums and art galleries.