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Founded in 1956 by Hayati Tabanlioglu in Istanbul, Tabanlioglu Architects is the architectural studio with the greatest influence over the shape of Turkey’s urban landscape today.
Written by Philip Jodidio and Suha Ozkan, with a contribution by Luis Fernandez-Galiano (all very well-known names in international architectural criticism), this account is both in-depth and wide-ranging. It is an important document of the changes that Turkey has gone through during the socio-economic expansion of the last fifty years.
The studio Tabanlioglu Architects addresses projects from urban planning, to interior design, to the environmental redevelopment of large areas. This book takes a careful and penetrating look at the studio’s chronology and its most important projects.

Binding: paperback sewn with jacket
Number of pages: 240 pp
Special features: extent printed K + 6 PMS on Arcoprint milk; French-folded jacket glued on spine
MADF – Tabanlioglu Architects: Istanbul Connections

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