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Carole Feuerman is one of the most important American hyper-realist sculptors.
Her works can be found in the world’s most prestigious collections—from the Metropolitan Museum of Art to the Hermitage in St. Petersburg.
This book gathers together her sculptures of swimmers, the theme that has occupied Feuerman most in recent years.
The sculptures have in common the depiction of the body in relation to water.
Through these hyper-realist works, in a wide range of sizes and using many different techniques, the artist explores the idea of immersion, both physical and psychological.

Cover: hardback with jacket
Number of pages: 148 pp
Special features: trade edition with jacket with cold foil and printing;the special edition and slipcase are bound in metallic cloth
Video documentary of Carole Feuerman at work in her studio making her resin sculpture “Balance”.

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