The Making of Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey

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2001: A Space Odyssey goes beyond mere movie to become a work of art.
It is not only one of the most famous masterpieces of fantasy ever created but is also a pioneering trip into the human subconscious and its dreams.
Taschen puts forth a precious volume for collectors, which is aligned with the philosophy and the aesthetics of Kubrik.
It goes behind the scenes and tells in detail the story of how the film was made, thanks to a fruitful collaboration between the author Piers Bizony, the archive of the Kubrick estate, and Warner Brothers Studios.
The slipcase, a black metal monolith with the same proportions of the monolith used in the film, contains four volumes of different sizes that illustrate the creative process underlying the work.
Hundreds of photographs, technical drawings of the sets, previously unpublished interviews and much more are included in this splendid collector’s item; they underline the astoundingly modern aspect of Kubrick’s vision and reveal, at least in part, some of its secrets.

Binding: different format numbered hand bound books
Number of pages: 562+200+324+292+8 pp (5 books)
Special features: Black laquered metal slipcase with magnetic door, collector edition with numbered pigment print in passepartout
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