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The idea for this unique book came from a group of fans of the Sega retro-console. It came into being thanks to notably generous funding gathered on the crowd-funding site, Kickstarter.
The book goes deeply into the genesis and the evolution of the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis videogame console, which was launched in the Japanese market in 1988 and then, in subsequent years, distributed in the European and American videogame market.
Sega, at the time locked in heated competition with the colossus Nintendo, created a console that made history in the world of home entertainment. This exhaustive volume takes a look at all aspects of the phenomenon: interviews with developers, detailed technical profiles of the best-known games, and photographs seen here for the first time are just the tip of the iceberg of this splendid volume.

Binding: hardback section sewn with gatefold sections
Number of pages: 352 pp
Video by Mentski

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