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Robert Crumb, master of the American underground comic and mouthpiece of the counterculture of the ‘60s, has been brought back to the forefront thanks to his participation in the most recent Venice Biennale.
This innovative collection of drawings was personally curated and selected by the artist.
From the idea of preserving the form of the sketchbook, to the content and the order in which the drawings appear—everything in these splendid slipcases was thought out especially for this project.
The volumes trace Crumb’s work from 1964 to 1982 and take in the artist’s prolific output. Characters that are the foundation of his work, such as Fritz the Cat and Mr. Natural, are shown in their finest moments, as if immortalized here in the instant in which the artist’s hand gave them life.
The volumes of this exhaustive collection, gathered in a slipcase, are enriched with a print signed by Crumb, adding to the value of each set and making them a must-have for every collector.

Binding: quarterbound
Number of pages: 224 pp x 6 vol., 1344 pp
Special features: Limited edition of 1000 copies, 6 vol in slipcase
The Confessions of Robert Crumb by BBC

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