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National Geographic magazine has always been synonymous with breath-taking photographs of our planet and its inhabitants.
For its 125th anniversary, the magazine opened its archives to Taschen.
The result is three outsized and finely crafted volumes that gather together the voyages of many reporters covering all of the continents.
Each volume is inserted into a special slipcase that, thanks to a series of magnets, turns into a bookstand. The first volume covers the Americas and Antarctica, the second takes us to Europe and Africa, while the third concludes the voyage in Asia and Oceania.
Taken together, the splendid images of these volumes reflect the history and the evolution of the magazine, from its earliest “romantic” vision to recent photographs elaborating on troubling social and environmental themes.
This book is nothing less than a masterful overview of 125 years and an unrivalled selection of the best photographs in the world.

Binding: 3 volumes, hardcover, each title in slipcase
Number of pages: 1404 pp
Special features: slipcase turns into a bookstand
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