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Considered one of the masters of classic photography, Joseph Koudelka, French of Czech origin, immortalizes critical moments in history with his sensitive and critical eye.
Now a prominent member of Magnum as well as the recipient of numerous prizes, Koudelka started his career very young by documenting the Soviet invasion of Prague in 1968.
He devoted years to his close look at the world of the Gypsies, a project for which he travelled throughout Europe and which formed the photographic style that still underpins many of his works.
The show at the Art Institute of Chicago is a rich and fascinating retrospective of the work of this master of contemporary photography.
The catalog covers chronologically all the phases of Koudelka’s career and is enriched with
autobiographical texts and varied materials published here for the first time.

Binding: paperback
Number of pages: 226 pp
Video by “The Art Institute Chicago”

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