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Presented last February at New York’s fashion week, Idolize represents a revolution in the world of fashion magazines. This new publishing product takes the form of a box, which contains 30 poster-sized sheets, printed front and back, in different sizes and on different sorts of paper, that show the work of photographers, models, stylists and artists.
The aim was to create a multi-tasking publication–alternative and revolutionary in the fashion media–that involved the reader in a 360-degree visual and even emotional experience.
Idolize will be a fine inspiration for people in advertising, and for their clients and artists who are seeking to get the attention of the generation who was born in the ‘90s and who grew up in the world of the web, blogs and social media.
Idolize aims at cultivating and reinvigorating fashion and life-style media, by attracting clients and inspiring them through photography, art and exhibitions, while a developing a fashion, life-style and luxury magazine for future generations.

Box with magnets that contains posters and various printings
Tps: 21 x 31 cm

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