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The immortal masterpieces of Henri Matisse are gathered in a not-to-be-missed show that explores his genius through his cut-outs. The show opens at the Tate in London and then will cross the ocean to the Museum of Modern Art in New York.
In his old age, when Matisse couldn’t paint anymore, he started to cut up a great variety of surfaces that he had painted himself. He created a new medium for expression that became emblematic of his art. This very important show explores the cut-outs in all their aspects.
Works gathered from around the world reveal the refinement and the mastery of Matisse. For the first time, some 120 works are positioned in a way to show how Matisse’s idea of “grand overall design” worked.

Binding: Hardback and paperback versions
Number of pages: 300 pp
Video by TheArtFundUK

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