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FuturPiaggio: Six Italian Lessons on Mobility and Modern Life

This book is a celebration of design in both subject and execution. Modeled after Fortunato Depero’s iconic bolted book published in 1927, it will be sold in a limited, numbered edition also bound by two metal bolts.
Like the Futurist tome that inspired it, this book pays homage to the Machine Age, which at the time signaled a new era in speed, technology, and transportation.
A visual feast for the senses, this volume is composed of various papers, colors, typefaces, and typesettings, actively engaging the reader and highly appealing to design enthusiasts and fans of scooter culture.
This graphically rich retrospective describes key moments throughout Piaggio’s history and the various models that have been introduced over the years, including the seductively stylish Vespa, which remains a cult classic. From working design sketches to exploded views of a scooter’s inner mechanical workings to vintage advertisements and photographs, this book captures the essence of a brand that continues to be relevant and exciting today.
The epitome of freedom, style, and cool, Piaggio scooters continue to redefine transportation, and this book pays tribute through its revolutionary design.

Text by Rizzoli NY

Binding: Handmade binding
Number of pages: 368 pp
Product dimensions: 31.5 x 24.5 cm (landscape)
Special features: Bookblock blocked by 2 bolts

Vespa history. European and Italian pride (Video by  History Channel)

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