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Art of Armour: The Ann and Gabriel Barbier-Mueller Museum in Dallas is home to one of the most amazing collections devoted to warriors and the objects that speak of their history and traditions.
The collectors, focusing on samurai, have gathered together in over 25 years of research approximately 300 pieces that ensure that their collection is one of the most important of its kind worldwide.
A wide-ranging and fascinating view immerses the reader in the world of feudal Japan, characterized by warriors and their “magic” possessions such as richly decorated armor and weapons created by master craftsmen in the art of steel. The volume opens with a wonderful introduction by Morihiro Ogawa and closes with a detailed analysis of 120 objects, chosen from the collection and described by experts in Japanese weaponry.

Binding: hardback smythe sewn, cloth cover with jacket
Number of pages: 360 pp
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