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Anselm Kiefer was born in Germany in 1945, and his early years were steeped in that postwar climate.
This early experience is the central one on which all of his multiform artistic output hinges.
Acknowledged by both critics and the market as one of the masters of contemporary art, Kiefer has always been a provocateur.
His art is not for refined drawing rooms but is meant to shake to the core the viewer who stands before his works.
The Royal Academy of Art in London dedicates to this artist a retrospective that explores his prolific production over 40 years of artistic career: paintings of enormous dimensions, installations, and photographs that amount to sociological research are only a few aspects of the work of this multi-faceted artist, as he traces the difficult passage from modern to contemporary.
With splendid photographs enriched with critical commentary, this book preserves the essence of the show and immerses the reader in Kiefer’s world.

Binding: cloth cover with french-folded jacket
Number of pages: 240 pp
Special features: 170 copies with unique jacket especially designed and signed by the artist , inserted in a clam-shell, in a presentation box
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Royal Academy of Arts – London
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