Golden Ratio Coloring Book




“A coloring book with a collection of Rafael Araujo’s hand drawn Golden Ratio illustrations to reconnect with yourself and nature…”

Rafael Araujo is a Venezuelan architect and illustrator living in Caracas. For over 40 years he’s been drawing the most beautiful illustrations of nature, entirely by hand.
At an old drafting table he adeptly renders the mathematical brilliance of nature with just a pencil, compass, ruler and protractor.

Rafael was a teenager when he first observed intelligent patterns in the work of nature and learned about Phi, the Golden Ratio. This ratio, represented by the Greek letter ϕ equals 1.618, and is commonplace in nature – from the hypnotic whorls of the chambered nautilus shell to the balanced proportions of butterfly wings.

“Entirely hand drawn, the chambered nautilus shell illustration is a fusion of art and science. This composition is constructed using a golden ratio spiral as the point of origin, and calculated using strict procedures of three dimensional geometry. The final colors and shades add strength to the image, emphasizing the volumetry of our subject.”

Rafael Araujo

Project link: Golden Ratio Coloring Book