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Graphicom’s company-wide policy has always been particularly sensitive to environmental issues and dedicated to sustainable production. Graphicom now reinforces this commitment by aligning itself with new international protocols for the creation of products with minimal environmental impact.
From December 2014 on, through collaboration with Trenta SpA, all the offices of the Graphicom Group use energy that comes only from sources that are renewable, traceable, and guaranteed at the source by the GO system of certification.



Graphicom is particularly conscious of the environment and conscientious about taking care of it.
The energy produced by solar panels is absolutely clean as it is obtained in a simple way, through a physical conversion.
The process involves neither combustion nor chemical reactions, which means that it emits no pollutants.
The environmental benefits obtainable from the photovoltaic system are proportional to the quantity of energy produced, assuming that this will substitute in part the energy otherwise supplied by conventional sources.
In 2011 ArteGrafica installed a photovoltaic system composed of 576 Evergreen solar panels with an estimated power source of 140,000kwh/year, which supplies approximately 10% of the total energy used.

By connecting to this link you can see, live, the production of energy by our installation.

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