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  • Green energy

    clean-energy-trenta Graphicom uses only 100% clean energy!
    Graphicom’s company-wide policy has always been particularly sensitive to environmental issues and dedicated to sustainable production. Graphicom now reinforces this commitment by aligning itself with new international protocols for the creation of products with minimal environmental impact.
    From December 2014 on, through collaboration with Trenta SpA, offices and plants of the Graphicom Group use energy that comes only from sources that are renewable, traceable, and guaranteed at the source by the GO system of certification.

  • The system of certification of European origin: “Guarantee of Origin (GO)”

    With the Decree of July 31, 2009 from the Ministry of Economic Development, Italy received a community directive regarding criteria and ways of informing end users about electricity.
    The decree makes available information about the production and composition of the energy mix offered by the various companies that sell electricity as well as the environmental impact of making it.
    The Guarantees of Origin GO are international certificates that recognize the plants producing electricity that respect certain characteristics of environmental sustainability.
    Since their launch in 2009, the certificates are the primary way of guaranteeing the traceability of the energy produced and of promoting the growth of a volunteer-based market for clean energy made from renewable sources.

  • FSC® Certificate

    Graphicom will now be producing books printed on FSC® certified paper, and implementing an FSC® chain of custody system.
    Graphicom obtained FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council ®) certification in May 2007.

    On customer request we can produce a full FSC® book.

    Look for our FSC® certified products.

    FSC Certificate Graphicom®

    FSC Certificate Camisana®

  • Forest Stewardship Council ®

    What is the Forest Stewardship Council® ?

    The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®)  is an international nongovernmental and not-for-profit organization, founded in 1993 to improve the administration of forest resources throughout the world.
    The FSC® numbers among its members environmentalists, industries which process the wood as well as those who transform the wood and sell it, certifying bodies, forest communities, consumer associations, associations of indigenous populations and forest owners. The goal of the FSC® is to promote, and support world wide, both planting and management of forests in a way that is compatible with the environment, that is socially beneficial, that respects the rights of workers and local populations, and is at the same time economically sustainable. The FSC® pursues these goals, with the consensus of the interested parties, by establishing, approving and issuing a rigorous set of standards, Principles and Criteria for Forest Stewardship. The FSC® does not issue certifications itself but rather accredits certifying bodies and verifies their work. The certifying bodies can issue two types of certification: one having to do with forest management, the other with the tracking of products (chain of custody).

    What is the Chain of Custody?

    The chain of custody is a process that makes the origin traceable of a certified product made of wood. If a product is to bear the FSC® logo, whether its wood comes from certified forests or is recycled, all phases in the wood’s transformation and transportation must be verified and identified—from the forest or the source of the recycled material to the end-use consumer. The product is given the FSC® logo only when all the links in the chain are certified by the Chain of Custody. The certification of Chain of Custody therefore ensures that the wood (or other wood-based products, such as paper) either comes from a well-managed, certified forest or is recycled.

    Graphicom and the Chain of Custody

    The standard FSC-STD-40-004 “FSC® chain of custody standard for companies supplying and manufacturing FSC® – certified products” is applicable to all organizations that print or sell books or other paper products. It demonstrates that the paper used was made from cellulose derived from forests or plantations that have been certified following the Principles and Criteria of the FSC® for sustainable forestry management.

  • ISO Certificate

    ISO14001Graphicom has always sought to satisfy the customer while at the same time maintaining the utmost respect for the natural environment, using reliable materials and ensuring that the workplace is healthy and safe.

    ISO Certificate Graphicom

    ISO Certificate Camisana

  • Environmental policy
    GRAPHICOM has instituted a company-wide management policy that is committed to sustainability and affects both the choice of materials and the actual production process itself.
    GRAPHICOM’s policy takes into consideration the health and safety of our employees, our customers’ wishes, and an over-arching concern for the environment in general.

    The policy requires adherence to the following fundamental principles:

    • conformity to laws and regulations;
    • pollution prevention;
    • respect for the natural environment.

    More specifically, these goals mean:

    • reducing the environmental impact of energy consumption;
    • minimizing the types of pollution, particularly emissions into the atmosphere, with the emphasis on prevention;
    • limiting the waste of such precious resources as water and energy, in the name of reducing costs for us, for the client, and for the community;
    • continually lessening our environmental impact, by refining and improving the system; to that end we establish specific objectives and monitor our progress through careful and concrete measurement and assessment;
    • choosing suppliers—of products, machinery, infrastructure, and services–who further our goal to prevent and to limit every form of pollution;
    • tkeeping in mind environmental goals while developing new products, especially when it comes to the use of raw materials (most importantly paper);
    • promoting the sales of products made with recycled materials or eco-compatible ones;
    • maintaining a good relationship with our neighbors and our community.

    The General Director makes adequate resources available to pursue this policy, and is available to talk about it to personnel, clients, suppliers, the community and the general public.
    All of the employees of Graphicom are made aware of how each of them, in their own arena of responsibility, can contribute to further this policy.

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